Fair jewelry.


    in Hamburg.


    Jewelry represents beauty and connects people, the source should not contradict that.

    silber ring schmuck nachhaltig Goldschmiedin Hamburg

    The jewelry is mainly inspired by nature, but also other exciting shapes, which leads to vivid and extraordinary pieces.

    Verlobungsring Antragsring Diamantring Labordiamant Canadamark Diamant Hamburg

    A modern design, manufactured from reprocessed or fair traded gold. Create your own ring or with the help of a goldsmith.

    Choose from lab grown diamonds, Canadamark diamonds or other fair options.






  • Which materials are there?

    I keep adding to my range of ethical sources, here are a few of them:

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    Fairmined gold

    I am sourcing my fair gold from Fairmined and Fairtrade suppliers.

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    Lab-grown diamonds

    conflict free and cheaper than mined diamonds, but just as beautiful.


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    Fair diamonds and gemstones

    Diamonds from Canada, fair sapphires from Sri Lanka and fair sapphires and a range of other fair gemstones from Madagascar.

  • Lara-Maria Wichels, Jan Spille, Lisa Dörrer, greenpeace, fashion revolution, Hamburg, Spielbudenplatz, Nachhaltiger Schmuck, Panel Talk

    Panel talk about sustainable jewelry.


    Goldsmith Lisa in April 2023 with Lara-Maria Wichels and Jan Spille in Hamburg for Fashion Revolution Week by engagement global, fashion revolution and Greenpeace.

  • What customers say


    Carla A.

    "The WATER ring with its wavy and flowing shape spoke to me immediately. It reminds me that everything comes and goes in waves. Movement is a sign of aliveness. I love the matte look, which feels just a bit more mystical to me and I truly nearly always wear the ring every day, because it became a part of me now.

    Thank you Lisa for this beautiful piece of jewelry!"

    Florian N. 

    "I saw very beautiful rings at Rose von Sharon. The jewelry is in deed beautiful! Lisa took some time for me to really guide me through the process.

    Calmly she answered my questions and special requests. Even when I was undecided she stayed kind and gave great advise. I am very thankful for her!

    In the small and lovely store you can feel very comfortable. Lisa Doerrer has found and a new and trusted patron in me. I can only warmly recommend Rose von Sharon! Here you will also find what you are looking for and you will leave the store happier than when you entered!"

    Gabriele S.

    „The ring with the lab grown diamonds looks so beautiful. The fire of the diamonds is not different to commonly mined diamonds. I am absolutely convinced of the quality and good looks."